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"Una ilusión soñada”, (literally: “a hope, dreamed of”) part of a poem by Romi, is the phrase that best defines The Posada del Fresno. Three years of construction, endeavour, disappointments, dreams, hope and love, have gone into shaping a reality that we aspired to and longed for.


Our intention is that The Posada del Fresno should be a comforting and peaceful oasis to stay and to rest.

We are proud to share our home, a place of tranquillity and of peace where friends and clients may meet.

Come and enjoy a welcoming family atmosphere where you will find a mixture of the traditions of yesterday and the comforts of today.











“Blue skies, my village is white,
With its slopes marching upwards
Those steep streets
That seem to be searching for the heavens.
Silences and more silence
Painters, painting
To capture my dreams
So no-one can forget
Montejaque, my white village.
This cherished place
Where my life was reborn
Full of enchantment
Plains of Líbar
Beloved plains,
Hacho, the mountain
That embraces my village.
My village is joyful
My village is white
And Tavizna, ever watchful
An undesired frontier.
My village is of Andalucía
My village is white.”

Romi 2004




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