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Caving Interpretation Centre



Information point for "The Sierra de Grazalema" Natural Park.  




        The Caving Interpretation Centre at Montejaque is a project based on an agreement, signed in 1997, between the council of Montejaque and the Federación Andaluza de Espeleología (Andalusian Federation of Speleology)

        It was opened on 11th October, 2003, by the Vice-president of the Province of Malaga, D. Juan Fraile Cantón, the president of the  “Sierra de Grazalema” Natural Park, D. Francisco Menacho, and others. In addition, the mayor of Montejaque, the president of the Federación Andaluza de Espeleología, directors of museums and professors from universities in Andalucia attended the inauguration ceremony. But the most important guest was  D. Emiliano Aguirre Enriquéz, who was awarded the Prince of Asturias prize for his work in 1997, Co-director of Atapuerca and honorary member of the Federación y de la Academia de las Ciencias físicas y naturales. (Federation and Academy of  Natural and Physical Sciences).

 In the Interpretation Centre, on panels and in display cases, there are samples of rocks, examples of early tools, other ceramics, paleoanthropological remains etc. On DVD, the karstic geology is shown; the mountains which encircle the area of Montejaque, the formation of caverns and pot-holes, the different cave types, the relationship of man with the caves, caving as a sport, and the science, the discovery and exploration of the area, the techniques of cave exploration, the specific methods used to descend the canyons and cave-diving, the topography, the equipment which is used, subterranean photographs, the importance of protecting and conserving the caves, the human presence in the river valley of the Guadiaro the biospeleology, the essential protection of the bats etc. But, above all, the most significant pot-holes and caves within the municipality and the immediate area such as El Pozuelo, the Hundidero-Gato hydro-geological cave system, the La Pileta cave, and the deepest pot-holes in Andalucia at Sima Gesm and Sima del Aire are shown.


The Caving Interpretation Centre, open to all who wish to visit, is also an educational centre for teachers and students, specialists, etc. For qualified cavers, it is an important centre, surrounded by the Sierras de Libar, de Montelate, del Palo, de Juan Diego, and others, and peaks such as Ventana, Hacho, Tavizna, Mures, all within the “Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park.  Montejaque,  situated in the internal Sub-betic range, in the vicinity or flysch of Alijbe and between the limestones (karsts) which have a series of interesting stepped valleys (those of Pozuelo, Libar, Zurraque, Burfo, Culantro, etc) is a very attractive geological area.


          Also, it is an ideal location for specialist conferences, courses in caving, round table discussions about karst in the region, the environment, meetings of teachers, visiting scholars, school and university students and other groups. Montejaque, with its large and growing tourist infrastructure has plenty of rural accommodation, hotels and restaurants for tourists.


        The Caving Interpretation Centre has been made possible through teamwork and with the help of others who have supervised the project. It is an example of the collaboration between the Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Montejaque and the Federación Andaluza de Espeleología, together with  some funding from the Junta de Andalucía.