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Ramona Suárez Parellada

Romi to her friends-, was born in Suria (Barcelona) in 1947. She gained a diploma in Chemical Engineering from the Fine Arts Faculty of the Massana School and has also studied medicine. In 1985 she was the first Spanish woman to gain a divorce. She has a Masters in PYME (business administration specializing in small and middle-sized businesses), and founded innovative businesses in Barcelona. A tireless traveller, she has spent time in Europe and Latin America, where, in 1985, she founded the “Society of Living Poets”. She has published a book and poems in a variety of styles. Now she lives in Montejaque with her partner “Fresno” (literally: “Ash Tree”).

Ángel Martínez García

Was born in Seville in 1949. For 30 years he held contracts with three financial groups.

A dedicated mountaineer, he is knowledgeable on the subject of Spanish mountain topography and the best places for mountain activities, especially caving

He was President of the Andalusian Federation of Speleology from 1996 to 2003. He has contributed to several publications (La Serrania magazine, El Hacho etc) and knows well the Sierra de Grazalema and the Sierra de las Nieves Natural Parks – he was a member of their Councils of Management – and the Alcornocales Natural Park. He lives in Montejaque – a village known to him from boyhood – with his partner Romi.


Romi and Ángel met through the Internet in August 1999 and which they would not have managed without the invaluable help of Xavi Ripoll Suárez,  one of the five children they have between them. Xavi, a film and sound technician, had built a reputation as a DJ in Barcelona.